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HIV Testing


In 2000, the Kerti Praja Foundation opened the first accredited Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) clinic in Indonesia. The VCT program is open to the general public and also encourages high risk individuals (especially female sex workers, MSM, people who injects drug and high risk men) to come to the clinic for regular HIV testing and counseling services (every 6 months). The program is run by the medical staff and senior counselors. Counseling is provided both before and after testing and blood testing uses the rapid test method which ensures same day service.

Different to the provider initiated counseling and testing (PICT) approach, where in a client or patient is encouraged to undergo HIV testing as they are considered highly at risk (for example their partner is HIV+ or they are pregnant) or already have indications of infection (are suffering, for example from TBC or other opportunistic infections), VCT works on the principle of client based motivation to conduct testing.

VCT is based on the philosophy of risk self awareness, and is completely voluntary. If a client wishes to withdraw from the process at any time (for example does not wish to be tested) the clinic has no authority to insist upon testing.

Our trained staff can also provide couples HIV counseling and testing (CHCT) for those that wish to undergo counseling and testing simultaneously with their partner.