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In Bali, many of the women and children affected by HIV/AIDS originate from impoverished rural backgrounds and have been widowed by their spouses who were previously the main income earners.

This has created a situation wherein other family members have been inadvertently made solely responsible for these newly widowed women and/or orphaned children. Many of these women have little skills and opportunity to support themselves and their children which places extra burden on these already struggling family units.

Urgent assistance is always needed, as many of these women are unemployed and dependents, they are unable to provide sufficient care for their children and cover the costs of school fees, nutritional support, among others. In some circumstances where children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, or wherein families are unable to care for an HIV+ child, the Kerti Praja Foundation has assisted with orphanage referrals in order to provide temporary care until a family member is able to assist. With generous support from the Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua we also provide scholarships to cover elementary schooling costs for children living with HIV.

CST (care support and treatment) programs already run by Kerti Praja for HIV/AIDS affected children and their families include medical fee support, hospital assistance for underprivileged families, training for midwives, scholarships, nutritional support, purchasing of bicycles, among others.

If you are interested in our mitigation program for families affected by HIV/AIDS or would like to help, click here.