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Positive Prevention


Positive prevention aims to increase the self-esteem of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) by actively involving them in HIV prevention activities and initiatives. Positive prevention programs require the meaningful involvement of PLWHA, and place emphasis on the incorporation of their views and values into program development.

At Kerti Praja Foundation, we currently run three projects as part of a wider positive prevention program: Testimony and sharing experience, theater, peer educators.

Through these projects our aims are:

  • To fill the visible gap in the involvement of PLWHA, female sex workers in particular, in greater HIV/AIDS public discourse in Bali.
  • To empower positive female sex workers (FSW) through public speaking and theatrical performance.
  • To develop a new and innovative model of HIV/AIDSĀ  message communication that is very culturally appropriate.
  • To facilitate dialogue between female PLWHA sex workers within their own communities, as well as with the general public.